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All The Madame's Divas 4-4
All The Madame's Divas
By Eric B. (Shnoogums)
********************(Back to the Show)********************
(Background Jingle: Holiness ~Crucifix Appearance~ from Pachislot Akumajo Dracula)
(As we returned from our commercial, we see all fourteen Dark Genesis members, as well as Madame Hydra, all doing a menacing fighting pose together as the fierce villains that they all are, in a virtual background, filled with green data-like wires, with the DX Divas Show logo being changed into the logo of the Dark Genesis Show, much to the villains' twisted pleasure.)
The Dark Genesis Show
Madame Hydra's voice: And now, back to our show!
(End Holiness ~Crucifix Appearance~)
********************(End Back to the Show)********************
(Background Music: Darkness Over World from Mega Man Zero 3)
(Returning to the show, we head back to Black Viper Headquarters, where we see, from Miss X's back view, being upset that Natalia Talaknov and her fellow bounty hunters failed to infiltrate Pow
:iconshnoogums5060:shnoogums5060 5 24
All The Madame's Divas 3-4
All The Madame's Divas
By Eric B. (Shnoogums)
********************(Back to the Show)********************
(Background Jingle: Holiness ~Crucifix Appearance~ from Pachislot Akumajo Dracula)
(As we returned from our commercial, we see all fourteen Dark Genesis members, as well as Madame Hydra, all doing a menacing fighting pose together as the fierce villains that they all are, in a virtual background, filled with green data-like wires, with the DX Divas Show logo being changed into the logo of the Dark Genesis Show, much to the villains' twisted pleasure.)
The Dark Genesis Show
Madame Hydra's voice: And now, back to our show!
(End Holiness ~Crucifix Appearance~)
********************(End Back to the Show)********************
(Background Music: River Twygz Bed from Super Paper Mario)
(Returning to the show, we were still inside of Shiori and Uguisu's subconscience, as the two adoptive sisters all ran away from the nightmare versions of the DX Diva family, including the one of
:iconshnoogums5060:shnoogums5060 5 6
These are the recent stuff that i've posted for you, folks (up to three rows of new deviations).

Just one thing though: I do not want anyone stealing my stuff, as i worked really hard on either making art or by shooting snapshots, using my photo camera. So you can fave them if you want (that won't bother me), but please, do not steal them and use them as your own.

Also, your comments (as long as they're reasonable) and faves do help motivate me to continue working on them.

Thank you for your comprehension.

Random from The DX Divas and my other OCs, done by other

I do love to draw other peoples's OCs myself, but sometimes, it's also fun to see my OCs get drawn by other deviants in their own version. Whether it's my DX Divas, the DX Divas's eccentric mentor Heather Solomon, my otaku senshi Sailor Triforia or any other OC that i can come up with, you can see their version in here.

Quite interesting, to say the least, don't you folks think? Of course, the copyrights of each of their artistic versions of my DX Divas, as well as my other OCs belongs to them, although copyrights of all of my characters shown in my gallery belongs to me.

Random from Princess Peach's Castle

I just love Princess Peach, she's my favorite princess in all of the Mario series.

Anything that is all about the Mushroom Kingdom's kindest of monarchs will be shown in this collection.

Upcoming drawings

:bulletblack: Sailor Triforia with EkatiCAT's Air Warrior, Princess-Estrella's Sailor New Etoile and CaribbeanRose9's Sailor Sirius
:bulletblack: VoltronZ1 and his brothers with Lum (from Urusei Yatsura)
:bulletblack: Peach (wearing a Geisha-like mask) in a WPT Poker game with other characters
:bulletblack: Baby Peach vs. Bowser in a Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa-style battle
:bulletblack: The Outer Senshis Improved (with Sailor Triforia in it)
:bulletblack: Two of BalloonPrincess's OCs, being her changeling, Caitlynn Wildfire and her princess one, Loonia, with a few of my DX Divas, although one of them injured in the same way as in the teamwork/collab that i did
:bulletblack: A Super Mario/Ninja Turtles Crossover
:bulletblack: Captain N & Haruhi Suzumiya together
:bulletblack: My Sailor Quebec, ZeFrenchM's Sailor France and Punisher2006's Sailor Canada, together in the same drawing
:bulletblack: Peach in a beautiful dress with SNK/Playmore's Clark Still and Ralf Jones as her bodyguards
:bulletblack: All eight Koopalings (yes, that includes Bowser Jr. too)
:bulletblack: Pineapplelicious's sexy mermaid Zelda OC, Mirage
:bulletblack: Yuki Nagato vs. Enker, Punk and Ballade (in a tribute to Mega Man 10)
:bulletblack: The second half of the N-Team vs. Wonder Army drawing project
:bulletblack: All 13 DX Divas chibified
:bulletblack: Various teamwork/collab colorings
:bulletblack: Various DAMN situations involving Ron Simmons in it

*art not specifically done in that order*
*more to be added as my mind thinks of ideas in mind*

This is but a small sample of what's to come. Click on this line here and check my journal to see the whole list of upcoming arts, folks.



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I had to start a donation pool sooner or later, folks.

So, if you liked my arts, then maybe you can donate some points to me (if you wish to do so, that is), as i'll need them for either a sub renewal of my CORE membership or to commission those who have points commissions opened.

Just donate what you can, folks. Small or big, it doesn't matter.

You can also help these people too, as they also need DA points as well, folks:

Also, points commissions are now reopened once more, folks. Check my journal for details:
Points Commissions Journal (REOPENED ONCE AGAIN)Hey everyone. How are you all doing? I hope you're doing great, because the time has come to finally open my points commissions to all of you, folks. And ten spots will be open, so come and claim your spot, although before you do, here's what you need to take into consideration. And i'll make sure not to confuse any of you, so here's how we'll proceed.
Before i let you know of that, take a look at my chart first: 

Alright, now here's my method of procedure:
1. You must comment on my journal first, letting me know that you'll commission me (with your DA points, of course). The first ten people that comment and tell me that they want to claim a commission spot will be included on the list. When all ten spots will be claimed, i'll be closing commissions afterwards, as i don't want to be overloaded.
2. Once your spot is claimed, you must tell me what you want and from which category, meaning let me know if you want:
- A Chibi Character (150 :points:)
- A Knees Up Char

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My thoughts on some WWF games i've played before

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 6, 2018, 11:15 AM
Hey, everyone, i haven't done an old school game review journal in a long while, so i'd like to do one right now... on some wrestling games, basically the WWE type... or WWF, as it was once called before the name change for Vince McMahon's wrestling company in Stamford and all that. Anyway, i'll talk about my thoughts on some of the WWF games i've played in the past, in which i did owned a few (one on NES, another on Game Boy, one on Playstation) and rented a couple of those on NES and Super NES.

First off, WWF Wrestlemania. The first wrestling game (published by Acclaim, but developed by Rare) that i had bought back in 1989, when i had my NES with me. For this one, i did bought it at a mall in Montreal (can't remember which one it was though) and at that time, i was hooked on the WWF at that time... although the game itself did only had six wrestlers in there, meaning Hulk Hogan, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, André The Giant, "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase, Bam Bam Bigelow and the Honky Tonk Man, each with a specific music theme in mind, representing them in the process. And there was only two modes of play on that one: Exhibition and Tournament Mode. Each wrestler had a specific power item that can make them gain some health (i.e.: Hulk Hogan has the cross, Macho Man has shades, Honky Tonk Man had a guitar, etc)... though the controls of the game were quite clunky and pinning combos were tough to do. Plus, the background of the game, even though it is in 8-Bit format, wasn't quite the best, with just a black background, with no crowd or anything like that. Simply put, this game wasn't quite the best, though at that time, i was too dumb to care about that.

Next up, WWF Wrestlemania Challenge (published by LJN, but again developed by Rare). That one did featured nine wrestlers in it, a bit more than the last, meaning Hulk Hogan, André The Giant, "Macho King" Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, The Big Boss Man, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, Ravishing Rick Rude, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and finally, a generic wrestler simply called "Yourself". The modes of this game comprised of a simple one-on-one match, a tag team match, a three-on-three Survivor Series elimination match and a championship mode. The game itself was mostly shown in an isometric view (a bit of how i would also see that sort of thing years later in Super Mario RPG), though once again, the controls weren't the best. Sure, each wrestler, like the last game, had a specific music that would play when you played against each other or the CPU in the ring, but there wasn't much of anything interesting in that one.

Next up, WWF Superstars on Game Boy (published by LJN and again developed by Rare). The game only featured five superstars, a bit of a downgrade from some of the WWF games i've played thus far, meaning Hulk Hogan, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase and Mr. Perfect. And ironically enough to say, when you select your wrestler and face-off against your opponent, the wrestlers do cut a promo on each other and Vince McMahon comments on the action that follows before and after the match, i do believe. Again, the controls are quite simply clunky and moves are too basic and generic, meaning punching, kicking, bodyslamming, suplexes and all the whatnot. Nintendo Power gave that game a 2.9 out of 5 in their April 1991 issue... and i can see why, seeing that the game itself was kinda, to quote Oli Davis in his WrestleTalk TV Youtube channel: AvRAWge.

Next up are some of the Super NES WWF games i've played in the past, meaning WWF RAW, WWF Super Wrestlemania and WWF Royal Rumble. The graphics are slightly much better, for a 16-Bit console, but the background for all three are pretty much the same, although now, there is a crowd in the background for all three. And of course, the moves are all the same for most of the wrestlers that are in these games, though they did kinda add some variety of finishing moves for each wrestler. And luckily, the rosters of WWF/WWE Superstars were not the same, though some did appeared in more than one game. Superstars like Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, the Legion of Doom, Mr. Perfect, Lex Luger, Yokozuna and more were seen in those. Hulk Hogan was nowhere to be seen in neither of those. The controls were quite okay, though they're nothing more than pure button mashers, in trying to do a grappling hook and all that. And it's all about having enough strength and patience in doing these moves against your opponent. Anyway, they were not that great, but not too terrible in my book.

I did also played with WWF War Zone on the Nintendo 64 and the Playstation (published by Acclaim), as well as WWF Attitude, in which we moved to the 3D era of video gaming and in which the action was much more realistic... or at least tried to do so. Superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Ken Shamrock, Farrooq, The Rock, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, the British Bulldog, Owen Hart (which one of them was a tribute to him, after he died in 1999, during a pay-per-view accident that costed him his life), Mick Foley's three personas (Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack) and more were featured in there and voice commentary by Vince McMahon and Jim Ross were added, to make it feel like you're watching an actual WWF show. New features included a Create-A-Wrestler mode, allowing us to create our own wrestlers and there were the standard modes of singles match and tag team, as well as hardcore, cage, tornado and battle royal. Kinda like a Royal Rumble sort of match, if you will, but with all wrestlers at the same time when the match begins. Nevertheless, this one was qite fun... but not that fun, if you ask me. Sure, there were some cutscenes with the actual wrestlers cutting their own promos and all that, but... still, not very fun to go with for me. At least the controls were alright, though again, it's mostly about doing some button mashing in trying to do a grappling hook or any other kinds of wrestling moves, so to speak.

Next up, a WWF game i still own on my Playstation, but don't play much with anymore: WWF Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role. Now published by THQ and developed by Yuke's, this one is simply based on the WWE show aptly named after one of the famous words that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson always said in his promos, meaning Smackdown. And like WWF Attitude, it featured a Create-A-Superstar mode, although this one was more advanced than the previous game i told you about, meaning that you can assign movesets, taunts, stables and more. Even a Create-A-Manager feature was added to it, meaning that you can assign a manager to the created superstar, such as Paul Bearer and Tori. More superstars were in this one and some would have to be unlocked, such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels. It was also the first game in which future WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angel would appear in, as well as Chris Benoit (though i don't know why i'm mentioning his name, due to the shocking situation that he caused in his real life family, leading to his death and all that). Storylines and matches per shows were added, although the first game had some pre-season mode in there, but that was removed for who knows what reason. The changes had mixed reactions by fans and critics alike. Loading times were also a problem to the game, as they were a bit long to load in getting to the most insignificant scenes, like a wrestler walking backstage, for instance. Regardless, the game was quite alright and i did managed to create some characters of my own in that game. Yeah, even the one to which i would eventually made her the mentor of the DX Divas, Heather Solomon, was added to the game, by my creation, in making her just as rough as Steve Austin himself. Same to the one that i would reboot her as being a villainess in the Dark Genesis, meaning Sofia Baker too. Heh, man, that was really something for me to do back then.

I even played a few WCW games on Playstation, meaning WCW/nWo Thunder, based on the then-existing wrestling organization's show of the same name, though while it featured superstars from World Championship Wrestling and its villainous stable counterpart, the New World Order, as well as some unlockable ones that either made to little to no sense whatsoever, the game itself was unappealing to me. Even the voices of announcers Tony Schiavone and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan (may god bless his soul) were not fun for me to enjoy that one.

Also, i even played a few Gamecube WWF games, renamed WWE afterwards, such as WWE WrestleMania X8, WWE WrestleMania XIX and the two WWE Day of Reckoning games. And all had some interesting features in there, though they were all the same to me, as far as that's concerned... although WrestleMania XIX did had an interesting story mode, that the game called Revenge Mode, in which you select any superstar on the WWE roster, whether they'd be from RAW or Smackdown or even your created wrestler, with the exception of Vince and Stephanie McMahon, and that superstar was being tossed on the street by Vince's security, only to be meeting up with Stephanie in her office, as she noticed that the player wants revenge on Mr. McMahon, in terms of ruining his flagship pay-per-view show: WrestleMania (aka The Grandest Stage Of Them All). In order to do so, the player is send to various locations and have to destroy WWE property, such as blowing up an under construction skyscraper, crashing a WWE varge, wrecking the cars in a WWE parking lot and lots more. I kinda did that as my created character Heather Solomon yet again and managed to have her take down Vince McMahon. I recorded that on my VHS tape long ago. Anyway, i used to own that particular game, as well as the two Day of Reckoning games, until i got bored with those. But WrestleMania XIX was quite an okay game to me. Quite an improvement over some other wrestling games, so to speak, but not by that much.

Finally, one WWE game i did played on my Game Boy Color was still a WWF game, but that one was mostly different than the rest of them: WWF Betrayal. That one was based on an old storyline from 1999, in which Stephanie McMahon gets kidnapped and Vince McMahon is counting on one of four selectable WWE superstars (meaning Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker and Triple H) to rescue her from whoever kidnapped her, to which a title shot would be granted if he rescues his daughter. Basically, this game operated in the same way as a beat-em up-type of game, a la Double Dragon, although that one totally sucked like crap. Beating up on grunts of any kind, and then facing the other superstars that you have not selected is not exactly my idea of a wrestling game there, if you ask me.

Anyway, i know i've played a few more, but afterwards, i kinda gave up on playing wrestling games, as they were all the same to me, regardless of the added modes and everything else in there. One that i did played, but that is not a WWF game was Nintendo's Pro Wrestling game on NES. That one was quite decent, especially with the mention of the victor of the match once you defeated your opponent, in saying "A Winner Is You". At least, that one does simulate what pro wrestling should feel like, compared to the WWF/WWE wrestling games.

I'm also aware that Capcom made a wrestling game of their own, called Saturday Night Slam Masters, which features Mike Haggar from Final Fight, but i've not played that one at all. If i did, i'd tell you how good or bad that game was, even though i did saw that one in my then-local arcade area.

Well, that's all i have to say concerning the wrestling games. Glad i got that out of my system, so to speak.

-Eric B. (Shnoogums)


To those who thought the Net Neutrality repeal was going to happen tomorrow, check this:…
This week, i'll attempt to do my best in finishing episode four of my mini-series special and mostly have it ready before the week ends... and if nothing else goes wrong here.
Another wrestling legend passed away today. This time, it's Bruno Sammartino, the legendary wrestler who held the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship for more than 11 years. He was 82 years old.
I know you're tired of hearing it on the news or anything, but... i'm personally nervous about the whole Net Neutrality thing, seeing that we're getting closer to the near end of it... that is, unless the repeal gets nullified.

Sorry if i'm bugging you all with this, but i'm just nervous about this, as i'm not sure if they'll get the 51 votes needed to stop this repeal. Sure, i'd like to be confident about it, but... one side of me isn't so sure if that's gonna happen or not.
Awesome news, folks: My two ears have been unclogged, so i can fully hear again... though for a week, i have to take some prescribed antibiotics for it.

To those who like my divas and love nudity: Do you think Anju's breasts should be brought back to small size or should they remained really big? 

29 deviants said Anju's breasts should remain big.
16 deviants said Anju's breasts should be small again.


Eric B. (Shnoogums)
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Stamp Fav by Princess-Estrella
Note: Stamp is coutresy of Princess-Estrella

I'm an old school gamer and i've been doing that since 1983. I also like to draw and write, though it depends on what my mind can come up with at times... as long as it's well acceptable on my own part (and yours too, that is).

I'm more of a fan of Nintendo games and their consoles than other gaming consoles, but i don't mind adding a bit of gaming from Sony's Playstation 2 and PSP consoles.

My favorite video game characters are Princess Peach, Rosalina, Mega Man, Bass, Proto Man, Zero, Donkey Kong, Simon Belmont, Splash Woman (from Mega Man 9), Meta Knight and Wario. I also have a soft spot for some old school game characters like Strider Hiryu, Wonder Momo and Bomberman.

My favorite anime characters are Haruhi Suzumiya (from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), Yuki Nagato (also from the Haruhi Suzumiya anime), Aika Sumeragi (from Agent Aika) and Cutie Honey (from most Cutie Honey incarnations).

I do also like to do crossover arts about game characters and anime characters meeting each other and my mind's full of that.

Oh, and please, if you're going to watch me, refrain from doing so for no reason, folks.

Also, if you want to see some NSFW stuff from me, go check my Furaffinity account. It's the same username as the one you see here, but you need to have an account of your own, if you're to see my NSFW stuff there.


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