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Newest Deviations

These are the recent stuff that i've posted for you, folks (up to ten new deviations).

Just one thing though: I do not want anyone stealing my stuff, as i worked really hard on either making art or by shooting snapshots, using my PSP Camera. So you can fave them if you want (that won't bother me), but please, do not steal them and use them as your own.

Also, your comments (as long as they're reasonable) and faves do help motivate me to continue working on them.

Thank you for your comprehension.

Random from The DX Divas and my other OCs, done by other

I do love to draw other peoples's OCs myself, but sometimes, it's also fun to see my OCs get drawn by other deviants in their own version. Whether it's my DX Divas, the DX Divas's eccentric mentor Heather Solomon, my otaku senshi Sailor Triforia or any other OC that i can come up with, you can see their version in here.

Quite interesting, to say the least, don't you folks think? Of course, the copyrights of each of their artistic versions of my DX Divas, as well as my other OCs belongs to them, although copyrights of all of my characters shown in my gallery belongs to me.

Random Favourites

These are the arts that i found interesting and thus, i'm showing my support to them by favoring their awesome piece of works.

Upcoming drawings

:bulletblack: Sailor Triforia with Cat-with-dark-eyes's Air Warrior, PrincessEtoile2109's Sailor New Etoile and Rose74's Sailor Sirius
:bulletblack: VoltronZ1 and his brothers with Lum (from Urusei Yatsura)
:bulletblack: Peach (wearing a Geisha-like mask) in a WPT Poker game with other characters
:bulletblack: Baby Peach vs. Bowser in a Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa-style battle
:bulletblack: The Outer Senshis Improved (with Sailor Triforia in it)
:bulletblack: Two of BalloonPrincess's OCs, being her changeling, Caitlynn Wildfire and her princess one, Loonia, with a few of my DX Divas, although one of them injured in the same way as in the teamwork/collab that i did
:bulletblack: A Super Mario/Ninja Turtles Crossover
:bulletblack: Captain N & Haruhi Suzumiya together
:bulletblack: My Sailor Quebec, ZeFrenchM's Sailor France and Punisher2006's Sailor Canada, together in the same drawing
:bulletblack: Peach in a beautiful dress with SNK/Playmore's Clark Still and Ralf Jones as her bodyguards
:bulletblack: All eight Koopalings (yes, that includes Bowser Jr. too)
:bulletblack: Pineapplelicious's sexy mermaid Zelda OC, Mirage
:bulletblack: Yuki Nagato vs. Enker, Punk and Ballade (in a tribute to Mega Man 10)
:bulletblack: The second half of the N-Team vs. Wonder Army drawing project
:bulletblack: All eleven DX Divas chibified
:bulletblack: Various teamwork/collab colorings
:bulletblack: Various DAMN situations involving Ron Simmons in it

*art not specifically done in that order*
*more to be added as my mind thinks of ideas in mind*

This is but a small sample of what's to come. Click on this line here and check my journal to see the whole list of upcoming arts, folks.


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I had to start a donation pool sooner or later, folks.

So, if you liked my arts, then maybe you can donate some points to me (if you wish to do so, that is), as i'll need them for either a sub renewal or to commission those who have points commissions opened.

Just donate what you can, folks. Small or big, it doesn't matter.

You can also help these people too, as they also need DA points as well, folks:

Also, points commissions are now reopened once more, folks. Check my journal for details:…

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Tagged and my Smash Representatives

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 17, 2014, 5:13 PM
Well, first things first. I've been obviously tagged by both :iconarthurt2013: and :iconmikey186:, so i gotta answer some questions. But as always, no tags on my part, because i don't want to. Anyway, here we go.

Do you draw, 3D or Vector?
I do draw yes, but i don't do 3D nor Vector. I do things traditionally.

Why do you love dA?
Simply because i can bring my own characters to life in here, as well as showing my games, chat with others, etc.

Day or Night?
That depends on what you mean by that question there.

What music genre you'd prefer?
Rap, disco, techno, retro music, remixes.

Do you have a Good anime recommendation?
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and its spin-offs.

What are your favorite books(or movies)?
In books, i don't know... but in movies, i'll say that Guardians of the Galaxy has become one of my favorites, right next to Avengers.

If you can think of one special person (any person), or someone u like/love on dA, who would it be? If the answer is secret, answer "It's a secret! Can't tell you!"
Uh... again, that depends on what you mean by that question there.

What do u do on your spare time?
Play 3DS and Wii U games.

What is your favorite deviation that you'll ever love on dA?
Shogoku Bound Upside Down by shnoogums5060
That should answer your question there.

Do you like to 'tag' someone (if you done it before)?
As i said, i won't tag nobody, so don't bother asking me to tag anyone, i will NOT do it.

Okay, now that the tag is done and over with, let's talk about something more important here, like the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. Apparently, i'm sure that some of you have made a main representative roster of which of the many characters you'll be playing as the most. Well now, i'd like to bring you my main representatives and why they're gonna be my mains that'll kick the snot out of those who would wish to challenge me online.

Shnoogums Smash Bros. Main Representatives by shnoogums5060

Now, why i chose those 16 main representatives? Simple. Most of them does bring back some awesome memories in my gaming career, while for some others... i couldn't resist choosing them.

For Mega Man, it's real easy, i love the classic series and since i've downloaded its seventh entry on my Wii U, it's one more reason to go with the Blue Bomber himself, seeing that his master weapons, his Mega Buster and Rush are gonna be useful for me to get around this one. His Final Smash sees him fire a Black Hole Bomb (Galaxy Man's weapon from Mega Man 9) that sucks any unlucky opponent in and to which his fellow Mega Men (Mega Man X,  Mega Man Volnutt, MegaMan.EXE and Star Force MegaMan) all join in and fire their busters at the captured opponent. This one is the most epic final smash i've ever seen in my entire life.

For Rosalina and Luma... let's face it, she's one epic character that'll kick your ass real good. Never underestimate the power of this cosmic being (i kinda refuse calling her a princess, since she's more of a queen sort of character, kinda like Elsa in Disney's Frozen, only without the freezing stuff). Her Final Smash will surely make her opponents sees stars... before blasting them out of sight.

For the Duck Hunt dog and duck... now, that mangy mutt has been the misery of many players who had played the NES Zapper game Duck Hunt, me included, so either i'll have fun playing as that duo or i'll have fun beating the snot out of them. Their Final Smash gives a nod to the Zapper games that existed on the early days of the NES, such as Wild Gunman, Hogan's Alley and of course... Duck Hunt itself.

For Little Mac, he's really one character i'm looking forward on trying to play as, since his moves mostly revolves on punching the snot out of them, as well as giving the one KO punch, assuming that you fill the KO meter, just like in Super Punch-Out and the arcade Punch-Out games. His Final Smash will finally give me the opportunity to play as Giga Mac; something i was never able to do when i once owned Punch-Out on the Wii.

For Princess Peach, nothing has changed, as i still love that lovely princess. And of course, everybody knows what her final smash is, so i won't need to remind those who are familiar with the Smash series.

For Palutena, she'll also be one character i'm looking forward on playing as, since she's no longer the Final Smash of Pit. Now, i get to see what this goddess can do. Her final smash traps her opponents in a black hole of sort (not having anything to do with Mega Man's final smash whatsoever) and fires one mega beam at them (she calls it the Surge Beam).

For Zelda, well... since she no longer can transform into Sheik, i can finally play as her without having to switch likenesses for her. Her transformation into Sheik is what bothered me in both Melee and Brawl, so now, i won't have to worry about that anymore (don't get me wrong though, i don't hate Sheik). Her final smash remains the same.

For Wii Fit Trainer... i'll stick with the female version rather than the male version (though outside of the main challenges, i'll try the male version out once in a while). Her/His/Their Final Smash involves her/him/them using some multi-colored barrage of exercise silhouettes at their unlucky opponents. Man, talk about forcing a massive workout on them, huh?

For Zero Suit Samus, well... since Snake's not gonna be in this edition, might as well go with Samus' zero suited counterpart, to which her final smash is somewhat similar to Snake's final smash in Brawl, though that means she can no longer form her Power Suit on her, now that she's an alternate character from her armored self.

For Lucina and Marth, both of their final smashes is similar to one another, though it'll be interesting to see who between these two will rock more in my book. Then again, i kinda liked Marth, mostly when he's in Smash and not in the Fire Emblem games, which i don't play, due to those being RPG games.

For Pac-Man... oh my, now he's gonna be the most interesting one of all, since i'm sure most of you have wished for him to appear in it, right? Well, you've got your wish... not to mention that his Final Smash is gonna give a nod to Super Pac-Man, one of Namco-Bandai Games' early titles that sees Pac-Man grow bigger (via a Super Pellet) and get past through the blocked spots with ease, without having the need to grab keys, although he'll also be munching on fighters (via a Power Pellet), a nod to who he eats ghosts in his classic arcade games.

For Captain Falcon, Mr. Game & Watch, Bowser and Wario, well... neither of them have anything changed, though for Wario, i'm really a sucker for his weirdness. Their final smashes have not changed one bit.

Well, there you have folks. If you want to show me what will your main representatives for this game be, then go here:…

And i'll see if your representatives will be up to the task to beat mine.

Until next journal, folks.

-Eric B. (Shnoogums)

  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Pac-Man's Park/Block Plaza & Mega Man 2 Medley
  • Watching: The Angry Video Game Nerd
  • Playing: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Demo
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew Voltage


Eric B. (Shnoogums)
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Stamp Fav by Princess-Estrella
Note: Stamp is coutresy of Princess-Estrella

I'm an old school gamer and i've been doing that since 1983. I also like to draw and write, though it depends on what my mind can come up with at times... as long as it's well acceptable on my own part (and yours too, that is).

I'm more of a fan of Nintendo games and their consoles than other gaming consoles, but i don't mind adding a bit of gaming from Sony's Playstation 2 and PSP consoles.

My favorite video game characters are Princess Peach, Mega Man, Bass, Proto Man, Zero, Donkey Kong, Simon Belmont, Splash Woman (from Mega Man 9), Meta Knight and Wario. I also have a soft spot for some old school game characters like Strider Hiryu, Wonder Momo and Bomberman.

My favorite anime characters are Haruhi Suzumiya (from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), Yuki Nagato (also from the Haruhi Suzumiya anime), Aika Sumeragi (from Agent Aika) and Cutie Honey (from most Cutie Honey incarnations).

I do also like to do crossover arts about game characters and anime characters meeting each other and my mind's full of that.

Oh, and please, if you're going to watch me, refrain from doing so for no reason, folks.

Want your OC drawn as part of PK-Alice's 100 requests challenge? Click on the link and comment there, folks. 

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