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Newest Deviations

These are the recent stuff that i've posted for you, folks (up to ten new deviations).

Just one thing though: I do not want anyone stealing my stuff, as i worked really hard on either making art or by shooting snapshots, using my PSP Camera. So you can fave them if you want (that won't bother me), but please, do not steal them and use them as your own.

Also, your comments (as long as they're reasonable) and faves do help motivate me to continue working on them.

Thank you for your comprehension.

Random from The DX Divas and my other OCs, done by other

I do love to draw other peoples's OCs myself, but sometimes, it's also fun to see my OCs get drawn by other deviants in their own version. Whether it's my DX Divas, the DX Divas's eccentric mentor Heather Solomon, my otaku senshi Sailor Triforia or any other OC that i can come up with, you can see their version in here.

Quite interesting, to say the least, don't you folks think? Of course, the copyrights of each of their artistic versions of my DX Divas, as well as my other OCs belongs to them, although copyrights of all of my characters shown in my gallery belongs to me.

Random Favourites

These are the arts that i found interesting and thus, i'm showing my support to them by favoring their awesome piece of works.

Upcoming drawings

:bulletblack: Sailor Triforia with EkatiCAT's Air Warrior, PrincessEtoile2109's Sailor New Etoile and Rose74's Sailor Sirius
:bulletblack: VoltronZ1 and his brothers with Lum (from Urusei Yatsura)
:bulletblack: Peach (wearing a Geisha-like mask) in a WPT Poker game with other characters
:bulletblack: Baby Peach vs. Bowser in a Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa-style battle
:bulletblack: The Outer Senshis Improved (with Sailor Triforia in it)
:bulletblack: Two of BalloonPrincess's OCs, being her changeling, Caitlynn Wildfire and her princess one, Loonia, with a few of my DX Divas, although one of them injured in the same way as in the teamwork/collab that i did
:bulletblack: A Super Mario/Ninja Turtles Crossover
:bulletblack: Captain N & Haruhi Suzumiya together
:bulletblack: My Sailor Quebec, ZeFrenchM's Sailor France and Punisher2006's Sailor Canada, together in the same drawing
:bulletblack: Peach in a beautiful dress with SNK/Playmore's Clark Still and Ralf Jones as her bodyguards
:bulletblack: All eight Koopalings (yes, that includes Bowser Jr. too)
:bulletblack: Pineapplelicious's sexy mermaid Zelda OC, Mirage
:bulletblack: Yuki Nagato vs. Enker, Punk and Ballade (in a tribute to Mega Man 10)
:bulletblack: The second half of the N-Team vs. Wonder Army drawing project
:bulletblack: All eleven DX Divas chibified
:bulletblack: Various teamwork/collab colorings
:bulletblack: Various DAMN situations involving Ron Simmons in it

*art not specifically done in that order*
*more to be added as my mind thinks of ideas in mind*

This is but a small sample of what's to come. Click on this line here and check my journal to see the whole list of upcoming arts, folks.


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I had to start a donation pool sooner or later, folks.

So, if you liked my arts, then maybe you can donate some points to me (if you wish to do so, that is), as i'll need them for either a sub renewal or to commission those who have points commissions opened.

Just donate what you can, folks. Small or big, it doesn't matter.

You can also help these people too, as they also need DA points as well, folks:

Also, points commissions are now reopened once more, folks. Check my journal for details:
Points Commissions Journal (REOPENED ONCE AGAIN)Hey everyone. How are you all doing? I hope you're doing great, because the time has come to finally open my points commissions to all of you, folks. And ten spots will be open, so come and claim your spot, although before you do, here's what you need to take into consideration. And i'll make sure not to confuse any of you, so here's how we'll proceed.
Before i let you know of that, take a look at my chart first:

Alright, now here's my method of procedure:
1. You must comment on my journal first, letting me know that you'll commission me (with your DA points, of course). The first ten people that comment and tell me that they want to claim a commission spot will be included on the list. When all ten spots will be claimed, i'll be closing commissions afterwards, as i don't want to be overloaded.
2. Once your spot is claimed, you must tell me what you want and from which category, meaning let me know if you want:
- A Chibi Character (150 :points:)
- A Knees Up Character

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5 Years For The DX Divas Already?

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 27, 2015, 2:59 PM
Hey there, everyone. It's yours truly with one journal entry... and this one is a bit of a special one, for those who have followed the DX Divas for quite some time now... as today marks the DX Divas' fifth anniversary here on deviantArt. Wow, five years of them already? Yep, that's what it seems to be, folks.

From the first day i've uploaded the first drawing of those divas, starting with Shogoku Yoshihiro, who back then looked like this:

Shogoku Yoshihiro by shnoogums5060

And then seeing her evolve into this:

Shogoku Yoshihiro Ver. 3 by shnoogums5060

And in which i did the same with the other divas that followed, right after i've brought her in my gallery, i have been mostly focused on those lovely, yet funny and fierce ladies ever since, inputting them in drawings and even in a series of stories of their own (that is ongoing at this time). I've even had to commission some people (a bit of a rarity, but still) and do art trades with some other folks, choosing to include them in those parts of theirs and such.

But what is there to be said about them and their personalities that makes them stand out from the rest? Well, when i released them from my mind, i had said that they were fighters, wrestlers, models, gamers and such... though for the wrestler part on them, i kinda dropped that idea entirely, making them more of posing models and mostly a crime-fighting force to be reckoned with, meeting up with other people as months and years passed by. And i kinda also added the eroticness in most of them too, though not ALL of them are interested on being erotic and such. Anyway, for each diva, i did added some evolving ideas of their own, while ditching some in the process, making them better and better as i went along on drawing them.

For instance, in the gamer part, Shogoku, who's been considered as the main star of the team, is mostly interested in japanese games and consoles, though mostly from Nintendo, hence the fact that she owns practically every Nintendo consoles (yes, that includes the failed Virtual Boy), ranging from the Famicom, its Disk System, the Super Famicom (as well as the Bandai Sattelaview), the Nintendo 64 (and its somewhat failed Disk Drive), the Gamecube (she actually owns the Panasonic Q, not the actual Gamecube), the Wii and the Wii U, as well as all of Nintendo's portable consoles and games... including the rare FamicomBox and Super Famicom Box (both gaming devices that were made for hotels and such). For the other divas, Elizabeth Johnson (nicknamed Liz by many of her friends) and Frederica Manzini, do also own some rare gaming stuff (such as the M82 demo unit for Frederica and the Powerfest '94 unit for Liz), as well as many gaming consoles from Nintendo. Even Rika, that i once made her hate games, until she changed her tone towards them, enjoys playing games, though she kinda joined late in the gaming frenzy, only owning a Wii U and a 3DS (but she likes to download the classics regardless).

Anyway, for each diva's personality, in terms of being who they are, starting with Shogoku, i made her the brave pink haired fighting diva warrior that i would be sure everyone would love to see, though at first, i made her into a bit of a hyperactive lady with starry eyes, until i realized that she could be a much better person if i simply made her into a more serious fighter, even though she is still the determined fighter that she was meant to be. As for Li Zhao Xie, at first, she was gonna be mostly like every other diva, meaning a normal woman. But then, i decided to evolve her into an hermaphrodite, making her the only unique herm of the team. As for Sharifa, i was kinda gonna give her the cavewoman-kind of personality at first, but then, i doubt that egyptian people would have cave people in there, so i made her smart, while retaining her muscular personality of sorts. For Frederica Manzini, i was originally gonna make her a bit of a loner, as well as a dancing woman of sorts, but then, i decided to give her the techno expertise she was meant to have in her, while giving her the knowledge of everything that is in video gaming and technology, as well as making her a comic book geek, hence her love for Marvel Comics' many characters and TV series and movies and such. For Irina Mikhajlove, i was originally gonna give her a bouncer-like personality with muscles, since she's russian and all that, but then, for some reasons, my friend VoltronZ1 kinda thought that Irina was a gunshooter-kind of woman, so in the end, i gave her the gunslinging personality of sorts in her, changing her from the bouncer personality i was originally gonna give Irina. For Rika Yoshihiro, in which i made her Shogoku's midget cousin, well, you guessed it, i was normally gonna make her hate games and such, but then, i evolved her into a video game lover, while also giving her a love for music. I also made Rika small, because... well, i kinda like midgets for some reason, not to mention that seeing WWE wrestling midget Hornswoggle inspired me to create Rika in some way. As for Erika, well, the nature loving stuff is indeed what i added in her, though i never thought of adding something else in her, in the fact of making her search for a lover of her own. But i don't want to copy that sort of idea from what my sentai loving friend Donald is doing with one of his characters and all that, so i'm watching myself on that matter at hand. For the Mikami Twins (Misa and Akane), i was gonna at first make them separate characters of sorts, though while still maintening the twin sister personalities of sorts. But then, i gave them the stereotypical psychological talk for the two of them and i made that last for quite a long while, until the Donald Trump episode, where i decided to drop that ordeal on those two entirely and make them talk normally like normal people. I recently decided to make them more separate than ever, kinda like the Olsen Twins, who each have boyfriends or dates of their own. Yes, there's a possibility that they would end up with dates of their own one day. For Huang, she was thought up in 2009, but i gave her the personality of a mature-type of person, while giving her a bit of a tragic background story of the fact that she was once a married woman, until her husband got killed, hence now that she's a part of the team. For Anju, i once made her a part of the team, until jealousy struck her big and made her leave the team, though at that time, when i first thought up of Anju, i kinda made her into a gamer of sorts. But when i brought her back into my mind, i dropped the gamer stuff out of Anju and made her into a doctor instead and one who's not truly a physical fighter of sorts, but mostly a magical one. And finally, for Elizabeth Johnson and Rachael Kolofski, the inspiration for those two came originally from the Card Captor Sakura anime, as i wanted to make those two a bit of a response from the characters Sakura and Tomoyo respectively. However, while they were thought of since 1999, i never drew them... and not to mention that if i did and posted it in my gallery as Card Captor Sakura rip-offs, i would then get sued, so i kinda changed their looks and personalities into more erotic and hardcore types of people, as well as giving Rachael a lesbian personality, while also recently giving Elizabeth a love for bondage AND making her the contortionist that she was meant to be, hence my RPs with :iconarthurt2015: on the weekends.

Phew, man, that's a lot to say about them, eh? Anyway, i do continue to make the divas evolve into greater characters in my mind, while continuing to make Shogoku a stronger and honorable warrior, as she was meant to be.

And while i've brought them in here, i also made them meet new friends, such as :iconvoltronz1:'s Morrison Rangers, :iconredfalcon23:'s Neo-Japan population, :iconshinobi-gambu:'s HyperManiaX gang, :iconredphoenix15: and :iconbluestar05:'s Soul Fest teams of the Blazing Dragons and the Scorching Strikers and more.

And i gotta say that they wouldn't continue on if it weren't for all of you, so on their behalf, i'd like to say thank you for supporting the DX Divas for these five years and here's hoping for five more, folks.

-Eric B. (Shnoogums)

  • Mood: Joy
  • Watching: Various Youtube videos
  • Playing: The Donkey Kong Games on both Wii U and 3DS
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola


shnoogums5060's Profile Picture
Eric B. (Shnoogums)
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Stamp Fav by Princess-Estrella
Note: Stamp is coutresy of Princess-Estrella

I'm an old school gamer and i've been doing that since 1983. I also like to draw and write, though it depends on what my mind can come up with at times... as long as it's well acceptable on my own part (and yours too, that is).

I'm more of a fan of Nintendo games and their consoles than other gaming consoles, but i don't mind adding a bit of gaming from Sony's Playstation 2 and PSP consoles.

My favorite video game characters are Princess Peach, Mega Man, Bass, Proto Man, Zero, Donkey Kong, Simon Belmont, Splash Woman (from Mega Man 9), Meta Knight and Wario. I also have a soft spot for some old school game characters like Strider Hiryu, Wonder Momo and Bomberman.

My favorite anime characters are Haruhi Suzumiya (from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), Yuki Nagato (also from the Haruhi Suzumiya anime), Aika Sumeragi (from Agent Aika) and Cutie Honey (from most Cutie Honey incarnations).

I do also like to do crossover arts about game characters and anime characters meeting each other and my mind's full of that.

Oh, and please, if you're going to watch me, refrain from doing so for no reason, folks.

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